Marketing & Communication Contacts

Marketing & Communications works with local Omaha news media and others to highlight the activities and accomplishments of Nebraska Methodist College's faculty, staff, and students. Our primary mission is to provide accurate and relevant information to the media, the campus community, and the general public.

For the Media

We ask that all requests come through Marketing & Communications. We can assist you in arranging interviews and in finding an appropriate resource on campus to help you with a story.

The media are regularly welcomed to attend and cover events, activities, and other programs on campus that are open to the general public. In order to most effectively serve the interests of both the media and the campus community, we ask that you contact us prior to coming to campus to photograph, record, or interview faculty, staff, students, and guests. As a private institution, NMC reserves the right to limit access to its properties and facilities.

For the NMC Community

If you are a member of the NMC community, we can assist you with your questions about publicizing your upcoming events, research, honors, and other activities for the news media. We can also help you respond appropriately to inquiries from reporters and requests for interviews. In order to most effectively assist you, we ask that you contact us early -- at least three weeks before a scheduled event -- as timing is critical in the news business. The more notice you provide our office, the better we will be able to help.