Behind the Scenes: Nebraska Methodist College’s Nursing Arts Center

  • Date: June 13, 2013
  • Author: Ashley Bails

nursing college lab An instructor operates the movements and vitals for Noelle, one of NMC's high-fidelity manikins.

Nebraska Methodist College's Nursing Arts Center is focused on preparing nursing students for life in the real world of their nursing career.

The Nursing Arts Center provides students with classroom, lab and simulated settings modeled after what they will see on a daily basis on the job. In total, the center is composed of two classrooms, two nursing skills labs with a total of 13 beds, and four simulation labs. Walking into the labs and simulation rooms is very much like walking into a real hospital.

The areas are equipped with hospital beds, patient monitors, headwalls with compressed air and suction, and easy access to the center's Pixis machine, an electronic medication dispensing machine. The areas can be adjusted to simulate just about any type of healthcare setting, such as in a hospital, clinic or long-term care facility, among others.

The Watson family, a set of six high fidelity manikins, combined with true-to-life scenarios add to the realism of the student experience at the Nursing Arts Center. From viewing rooms adjacent to each simulation room, NMC faculty can control the manikins and carry out scenarios.

Students are tasked with different scenarios depending on the level of the course. First-level students are challenged with identifying and correcting a number of safety issues, while second-level students have to tackle scenarios with a gamut of fundamental skills and critical thinking issues.

Students working in the Nursing Arts CenterStudents not only learn first-hand, they are also able to sit in the classroom and watch their peers work through scenarios via a live video system in the Nursing Arts Center. This helps students reinforce the skills they have learned.The simulation labs are an effective transition between the classroom and actual clinical settings. The labs provide an environment where students can learn through experience without the fear of making mistakes.

NMC faculty develop the scenarios based on real-world experience and constantly reevaluate and fine-tune each scenario to make sure it is properly supporting students' learning needs.Art displayed on the walls of the Nursing Arts Center provides a finishing touch to the learning environment.

In honor of nursing theorist Jean Watson, nursing students take part in a humanities experience where they create artwork representing Watson's Caritas Processes.  The artwork serves to remind students that they are present in a caring environment.