Course Index

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HOM 590 Capstone I

Execution of an applied project integrating concepts of healthcare operations management.

  • Credits: 2.0

HOM 582 Research for Information Synthesis

Strategies underpinning using research as an effect approach for the exploration of professional issues.  Emphasis will be on developing a critical eye to evaluate and synthesize information for professional application.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 581 Healthcare Information Systems

Exploration of the software and hardware issues involved in people and healthcare organizations use to collect, filter, process, create, and distribute data.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 580 Medical Informatics: Privacy and Security of Health Information

Balancing the need for access to information for business and patient care needs with the need to protect the security and confidentiality of that same information.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 571 Communication Strategies

Development of communications nuances.  Topics include: negotiation skills, effective listening strategies, how to read a situation and identifying a core message, interpreting body language.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 570 Professional Writing

Effective communication strategies using memos, e-mails, letters, and reports.  An emphasis is on best practices for defining a clear and tailored professional message.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 565 Healthcare Ethics

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 564 Clinical quality

Tracking and measuring patient satisfaction and outcomes (length of stay, infection rates)

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 563 Vendor Management

Issues involved in working with external vendors.  What type of equipment to purchase - balancing cost, reliability, capabilities, and maintenance requirements. Legal issues such as request for proposal, contract development and obligations.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 562 Resource Utilization

Exploration of how best to utilize healthcare equipment and facilities.  Topics will include utilization, capacity, reusable medical equipment, preventive maintenance, replacement planning.

  • Credits: 1.0