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HOM 511 Project Selection

Selecting a good project involves determining project objectives, defining quantifiable goals, describing its value, exploring its return on investment in terms of cost and impact, and anticipating the risks.  

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 510 Strategic Planning

Defining an organization's strategy or direction and making decisions on allocating resources to pursue it.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 505 Leadership Development: Defining and Assessing your Leadership Style

Models, theories and tools for self-assessment; continuous learning and self-improvement.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 504 Organizational Learning through Mentoring/Mentorship

Skills to inspire others by modeling the positive organizational states of confidence, optimism, and resiliency.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 503 Managing Team and Group Dynamics

Tools for learning, comprehending, and recognizing the diverse strengths and abilities of individuals on a team and on approaches for managing an effective team. 

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 502 Individual and Team Creativity

The rules, stages, approaches for individual idea generation, and processes for achieving group creativity and consensus.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 501 Change Management

Identify strategies to better understand and overcome resistance to change; Making a persuasive business case for change based on best practices; Developing skills for effective collaboration to garner support and buy-in at all levels.

  • Credits: 1.0

HOM 591 Capstone II

Execution of an applied project integrating concepts of healthcare operations management.

  • Credits: 2.0


Students are required to submit a portfolio of work as well as synthesize ideas and knowledge from courses throughout the program in the form of a written paper or project that addresses a specific health promotion problem or issue. Part two of the Capstone experience includes implementation and submission of the final project.

  • Credits: 2.0


A synthesis of health promotion concepts coupled with specific skills related to developing and understanding marketing research, marketing strategies, marketing design, and measuring marketing effectiveness culminate in the authorship of an original marketing plan for an organization that meets individual and corporate goals with respect to work life quality and holistic health.

  • Credits: 3.0