Spreadsheets for Healthcare Professionals

Spreadsheet Courses

Are you looking to advance your Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet skills?

Nebraska Methodist College offers a series of online, non-credit spreadsheet courses designed to help you advance your spreadsheet skills as a healthcare professional.

Existing spreadsheet training is often in the form of a one-day workshop. This can be overwhelming and difficult to fully grasp the concepts. But we've designed the courses to be four weeks in length to allow time for application, reflection and confidence in your skills.

The healthcare industry presents unique scenarios so all course examples and homework assignments will use healthcare-based data sets, including patient arrival rates, infection rates, etc. A NMC instructor will be available to assist students with questions throughout the course duration.

Microsoft® Excel Course Details:

  • The courses will be taught online so you can access courses at any time of the day and from anywhere with Internet access.
  • Each course will be in four weeks in length -- taught in weekly modules -- to allow you to fully develop and understand the content. Each week's material builds upon the previous assignments.
  • During a weekly module, a student will watch a presentation of Excel features, see examples of how they are used, and will be tasked to complete a homework assignment.
  • All examples and homework will use healthcare examples/data (e.g., patient arrival rates, infection rates, rate of insurance coverage)
  • Each course is instructor-driven; the instructor will be available to answer any questions.
  • No additional textbook is required - all materials will be available via downloadable handouts and videos.

You do not need to take each course in succession. You may sign up for the course(s) that fit your skill level.
See course descriptions below.


Feel free to call us at (402) 354-7100 or email us at pd@methodistcollege.edu.

Introduction to Healthcare Spreadsheets

In course one, students will gain fundamental skills ranging from the most elementary tasks such as creating and formatting a spreadsheet, to using the built-in features of Excel to evaluate, organize and display data with formulas and charts.

Cost: $99

Course topics:

  • Formatting: Adjusting fonts, text alignment; inserting rows, columns and adjusting cell dimensions, borders and background colors; merging cells and sorting data.
  • Formulas and Functions: Use of cell references in formulas (including absolute references and naming cells); copying formulas; built in functions (some include: SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT, IF).
  • Charts and Graphs: Inserting, labeling and formatting various types of charts and graphs.
  • Templates: Use of both built-in templates as well as online templates.

Prerequisite: None

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Intermediate Healthcare Spreadsheets

In the second course, students will extend on the skills acquired throughout the first course, utilizing more capabilities ranging from more of Excel's built-in functions, recording repetitive tasks, and creating the famous pivot table (a feature that allows the user to summarize data, and adjust the values and variables summarized with the click of a button).

Cost: $99

Course topics:

  • Charts and Graphs: Reiteration of charting and graphing skills from Course 1, as well as sparklines.
  • Functions, Pivot Tables, and Macros: Use of built in functions (some include: SUMIF, COUNTIF, VLOOKUP) and pivot tables; checking worksheets for errors in formulas; introduction to basic macro use.
  • Formatting: Inserting and linking worksheets; applications of conditional formatting options.
  • Protecting Worksheets: Prevention of worksheets getting altered without consent.

Prerequisite: Course 1 (Introduction to Healthcare Spreadsheets) or equivalent experience


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Advanced Healthcare Spreadsheets

The third course focuses on some "bells and whistles" of Excel, which would be particularly helpful for those who share excel documents with others, as well as those who repeatedly use Excel for the same tasks.

Cost: $99

Course topics: 

  • Functions: Introduction to Visual Basic and Macro skills; concatenate and text to columns functions; Tracking changes; Goal seek function; and use of the watch window.
  • Data: Accessing data from external sources.
  • Other: Customizing the toolbars.

Prerequisite: Course 2 (Intermediate Healthcare Spreadsheets) or equivalent experience


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