Written Statement

Please develop a thoughtful and organized response to the questions below. Your response should be approximately two paragraphs for each question. The admissions committee is looking for responses that are not only well supported but that also use appropriate style and grammar. Be sure to include your name and program on the document itself. You may attach the responses to an email sent to the Admissions office at admissions@methodistcollege.edu.

When drafting your written statement, please cite any sources using APA format if applicable.  Also know that instances of plagiarism within an applicant's written statement will disqualify them for acceptance to Nebraska Methodist College due to the College's commitment to academic integrity and stringent plagiarism policies.

If you send your responses through the mail, please type your responses and send them to:
NMC Admissions
Nebraska Methodist College - The Josie Harper Campus
720 N. 87th Street
Omaha, NE 68114


1)   Answer all three parts of question one. 

a. Please first address what or who has influenced your decision to pursue a career in healthcare? 

b. The healthcare field has many opportunities for careers, why have you chosen diagnostic medical sonography over nursing, physical therapy or some other area of specialization?

c. If this is a career change for you, please explain why.


Reflective Individual
A reflective individual consistently uses logic and critical thinking in all aspects of life.  Select one of the following classes that you have taken: English Composition, Literature, History, Government, Psychology, or Sociology.  

2)  Answer both parts to question two.

a. Share what was most interesting to you in this class.  How might you apply what you learned to the healthcare field?  If you do not have recent classes to reflect upon, you may reflect on a personal experience that you had and how what you learned from the experience can be applied to heath care. 

b. How are you detail-oriented? Provide three (3) examples.


Effective Communicator
Effective communicators express their ideas through talking, non-verbal communication, writing, and sometimes speaking languages other than English. 

3)     Answer both parts to question three.

a. Describe the type of communication listed above you feel most comfortable using.  Give a specific example of a time when you exhibited strong communication skills and what the result was of this communication.  For example, did you resolve a problem, put someone at ease, or help someone understand a complicated situation?

b. In the profession of Sonography, we work closely with other members of the healthcare team including physicians, who may not always agree with what we are telling them about a diagnosis or patient's problem.  Please describe a situation where you disagreed with someone and had to speak up (be assertive) in order to convey a point that was important to you.

Change Agent
One of the goals of our undergraduate education is to assist students in becoming agents of change.  We create positive change when we work effectively in groups and bring individuals together for a common purpose. These skills are challenging and require patience and practice. 

4)    Describe an experience you have had as a member of a group.  Select a particular situation when a problem arose in that group and write about how you responded to it. You may select an experience that went well or one that you wish you could "do over."


Professional Knowledge 

5)   Answer both parts to question five.

a. If you job shadowed in sonography, tell us about that experience and how it confirmed that this is the right career choice for you. If you have not shadowed, skip this question. 

b. Based on the program in which you are applying (Multispecialty or Cardiovascular) describe the skills, job duties, and types of exams you will be expected to perform.

Academic Transcript

6)  Please address any grades of D or F listed on your transcripts. Also, please address any withdrawals or other discrepancies. If you do not have any D's, F's or Withdrawals please respond: Not Applicable.


 Please feel free to refer to www.ARDMS.org or other sources of information for assistance.