Student Success

We don't just prepare you for graduation. We prepare you for a great career. That's what makes us different. 98% of our graduates have jobs within six months of graduating. We also have a 0% loan default rate, which proves that our graduates are in demand. The reason? We don't just provide a respected education from a great faculty; we ensure that what you learn here is current, practical, and will payoff throughout your entire career. It's healthcare education on a deeper level, both on campus and online. Because you can merely invest in a college education—or you can inevitably succeed by choosing NMC. Employers respect our education and recognize the characteristics of a successful student, making our graduates more competitive.

Why the success? How to become a successful student at NMC? Here's how we make it happen:

Academic Skill Building

At times, students may find they need help strengthening their study skills. We can help! Our academic skills specialist can provide consultation and identify strategies to refine the skills you need to enhance your academic performance.

Topics Include:

  • Developing a Study Schedule
  • Management
  • Note Taking
  • Textbook Reading
  • Test Preparation
  • Learning Styles

Additional Resources:


College is a great experience, but can also be an adjustment. That's why we offer free confidential counseling to all currently enrolled students.

Typical issues students come to talk about include:

Anxiety. It comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be specific like if you're giving a speech or taking a test. It can be a general feeling of shakiness, jumpiness or discomfort. Just as there are varieties of anxiety, there are varieties of ways we can help you manage it! It can really be as simple as a few visits to an NMC counselor.

Depression. It can creep up slowly or hit like a ton of bricks. Common signs include changes in sleeping and eating habits and a general lack of motivation. But you don't have to know exactly what's wrong. Just pay a visit and we can figure it out together.

Confidentiality. Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times without exception.

Free counseling is yet another service that demonstrates how Nebraska Methodist College cares about its students on a deeper level, both in and out of the classroom.

Leadership Opportunities

Yet another aspect of NMC that unleashes your inner leader. Leadership Lunches are an interactive leadership training experience available to all NMC students. Students can attend any session they choose or they can attend at least six sessions and qualify to earn an Emerging Leader Certificate. This certificate will be awarded at the annual Students Awards Night every April.

Leadership Certificate Program-Emerging Leader

Program Description

Emerging Leaders is an interactive learning experience designed to introduce students to leadership and new opportunities at Nebraska Methodist College. The program's focus is to develop successful student leaders who have the desire to become involved in campus and community life. The Emerging Leaders program focuses on a variety of leadership topics presented in a highly interactive format of seminars, guest speakers and projects.

Student Requirements

  • Attend 8 Leadership Lunches
  • In addition, choose and complete two of the following leadership development options:
    1. Attend one General Student Government Meeting
    2. Interview one person who you identify as a leader (cannot be a family member) and write a one-page reflection paper about the interview
    3. Participate in one NMC sponsored community service activity
    4. Meet with the Coordinator of Leadership Development to discuss personal goals for leadership development

Leadership Workshops

NMC also offers a variety of workshops each semester to strengthen and reinforce academic and personal success. Examples of these workshops are test-taking strategies, time management, academic skill building and more. Workshops offered are always being updated, please view our Student Activities Calendar (NEED LINK) for upcoming dates.

Library Services

Both a library and a learning hub, the John Moritz Library on campus is a well-organized, accessible collection of traditional and electronic resources for students and faculty alike, and a great example of our holistic campus environment where you'll have everything you need.

The Charlotte Schultz Learning Commons within the John Moritz Library is a recent addition to our cutting-edge infrastructure of student convenience. Here you'll find a wide range of academic support services such as writing support, technology support, portfolio assistance, learning & study skills support, career services, peer ministry, various workshops, laptop checkout and more.

Supplemental Instruction

Our courses are renowned for challenging students to bring out their best. That's why we offer Supplemental Instruction (SI) free of charge for that extra nudge in the right direction. A form of group tutoring, SI consists of peer-facilitated academic support provided outside of class each week. The SI leader, of course, attends the actual class and conducts SI sessions to supplement the learning that occurred during class time. It's just another example of our positive, success-driven environment at Nebraska Methodist College. Take advantage!

For additional information on SI please contact Lisa Flairty at

Test Success

Sometimes it takes more than just time and planning to prepare for a test. Sometimes you need extra assistance. That's why we're here. Contact our academic skills specialist, Carol Moore, if you need help with study skills, textbook reading, learning styles, time management and preparing for tests.

Here's a few tips in the meantime:

  • Develop a study schedule to prepare for tests
  • Avoid cramming for tests
  • Break down the information you need to learn into sections
  • Compare and contrast the information

When taking a test:

  • Read the directions carefully
  • Look for keywords in the test questions
  • Stay focused on the information in the test question


We know several tutors and ensure they're constantly available to you as a resource. Peer tutors are recommended by faculty and will assist students with homework and test review. Please contact the academic skills specialist to request a tutor.

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

Instead of requiring extensive coursework in writing, Nebraska Methodist College offers this all-encompassing program that will sharpen your skills as an effective writer both in healthcare and in general.

For more information, please contact the Director of WAC:
Marlin Schaich
(402) 354-7062