Community Scholars

CfHP Community Scholars are senior level nursing students who collaborate with community agencies to effect change on a public health issue which concerns them. Community Scholars  identify this public health issue during their junior year,  and are connected with a community agency addressing that issue.  Scholars work with the agency during their senior year on a project agreed upon between the Scholar and the community partner. 



The Community Scholars program started in the Spring semester of 2012. 

Population Served:

Senior nursing students are eligible to serve as Community Scholars.  Applications are submitted at the end of junior year.


Community Partners vary depending on interests and skills of Community Scholar.

Program Details

  • Four $4000 Community Scholars scholarships are awarded annually
  • Scholars complete 250 hours of community service working with a community agency addressing public health issue identified by Scholar.  At least 100 of these hours must be completed by the end of the first Senior semester
  • Scholars participate in guided reflection sessions facilitated by NRS 350 faculty and service-learning coordinator (3 meetings per semester). 
  • Scholars complete a Community Scholars portfolio presentation in SS 465, Capstone:  The Educated Citizen.  Presentation includes a community and on-campus component and is developed by the Scholar in collaboration with the community agency and the service-learning coordinator.

Contact Staff

Allison Kinney-WalkerAllison Kinney-Walker
Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences
Nebraska Methodist College - The Josie Harper Campus
720 North 87th Street
Omaha, Ne 68114
Phone: 402.354.7121