Service Award

The Service Award honors one alum per year who has demonstrated consistent extraordinary service, commitment and dedication to the Methodist Alumni Association through volunteer activities within the broad spectrum of alumni activities. Such service may be reflected in the leadership roles that the individual has assumed, or through the ongoing participation and contributions made by the alum. Alums may receive the Service Award only once in their lifetime.

Please submit a letter, no more than two pages, stating why your candidate should be considered for the Service Award. Be sure to read the definition for the award carefully, so you can explain clearly and in full how your nominee fulfills the criteria. Your statement should cover the following criteria wherever appropriate and give any other information you believe to be relevant. Please include your name, address, phone and E-mail address.

A nominee must meet all of the criteria below:
  • Is currently actively involved in the Alumni Association's meetings and activities.
  • Demonstrates pride in their Alumni Association through consistent leadership, dedication and enthusiasm.
  • Generously volunteers time and efforts, from inception to completion, to assure the success of alumni events.
  • Impacts the growth of the Association by encouraging other alumni to become actively involved.
  • Actively assists the Alumni Association in meeting its established goals and objectives.
  • An interest in and loyalty to the Alumni Association is evident.
  • Is a superior role model to fellow members of the Alumni Association, peers and students.
  • Exemplifies the Alumni Association's core values of Caring, Excellence, Holism, Learning and Respect.
Procedure for selecting the recipient:
  • Nomination letters will be copied and distributed to members of the Honors and Awards Committee to determine if the nominee meets the criteria of the award.
  • Nomination letters will be copied and distributed to members in attendance at an early Spring meeting in the year it is to be given.
  • These members in attendance will then vote by confidential paper ballot for the nominee of their choice. Due to the importance of this recognition, one recipient per year will be selected.
  • The recipient will be notified by mail and invited to attend the annual Reunion Dinner to receive the award.

Mail nomination to: Denise Carlson, Director of Alumni Relations, 720 North 87th Street, Omaha, NE 68114